Easy Booking, Flexible Management

Better Service

NemPlads makes booking a place at the day care center easy, flexible and reliable for parents.

Optimal Capacity Management

NemPlads gives you optimal opportunities for capacity management of day care centers six years in advance.

Flexible & Integrated

NemPlads integrates with other IT systems and makes it easy to manage your priority rules.

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Easy Booking for Parents

NemPlads makes it easy for parents to book a place at the day care center they prefer. Parents choose a vacant nursery and kindergarten place and book their child’s day care themselves – right up until they start school. NemPlads allows parents to plan their child’s important early education years.

  • Easy-to-use online system, works on web and app
  • Overview of possible vacant places in nurseries and kindergartens
  • Flexible booking system
  • Reliable for Parents

Optimal Capacity Management

NemPlads makes it easier for day care centers and municipalities to optimize capacity management, up to 6 years in advance. NemPlads makes analysing future capacity easy and enables the management to take the necessary action on accommodation and staff adaption.  NemPlads secures the right charge for parents and minimises expensive mistakes. At the same time, nemPlads reduces the administration work load, and frees up resources for other important tasks.

  • Optimizing capacity across day care centers
  • Charging parents accurately
  • Reducing work load frees up resources

Flexible & Integrated

We offer management a simple solution based on years of experience and development in collaboration with users. We know that a good IT solution needs local customization. Therefore, nemPlads integrates with other IT systems and is flexible to set up for individual customer needs.

No matter whether you are a municipality or day-care chain, we integrate with the IT tools you may use today.

  • Forecast ressources
  • Integration with other IT-systems
  • One system for all parent communication with nemBørn
  • Flexible management of priority rules

Intuitive and Safe

NemPlads makes booking easy and intuitive for parents. This means that parents can book a place in the nursery or day-care center the day after the birth of their child. This allows the parents to know when they can return to work.

For managers, nemPlads provides an optimized and flexible system for managing ressources, with the highest level of safety combined with intuitive and user friendly interface.

All data on children, parents and institutions have a very high level of safety.

  • Apps for iPad, iPhone and Android
  • Easy and intuitive interface, developed in collaboration with the users themselves
  • Secure servers with highest international certification level



Assemble provides an easy booking system for parents, with a secure way of ensuring your child’s way through nursery, preschool and educational courses. The parents book online and management can ensure optimal capacity now and in the future.


To ensure the child and family safety, by full carer records, including notes on allergies, diet, immunisations, permissions and emergency contact numbers are stored in nemBørn. The parents can easily change and update the information in the parent app.


Provides registrations on children’s attendance, and ensures management to have a full overview over capacity. This ensures better ways to predict the future needs. Management has an overview of the activities the children attend and see how many parents have been active in the communication.


All data is a hosted in the EU on a ISO27001 certified data center. Our servers are regularly examined by Independent Service auditors. Our security also includes 2-factor authentication, best practice encryption, using updated algorithms, protocols and ciphers, where all data access is encrypted independent of client and platform.

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