Connecting Teachers, Parents & Children

Quality in communication with Parents

NemBørn is a simple and intuitive tool, allowing parents access to the everyday life of their child.

Supporting Children’s Development

NemBørn makes documentation and registration easy and utilises data to give teachers a helping hand.

Efficient Tool for Planning

NemBørn makes planning and steering resources efficient, while ensuring optimal communication with employees and parents.

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Parent Communication Made Easy

NemBørn gives parents a unique real-time access into the child’s everyday life and simplifies the daily two-way communication between parents and day care center.

The transition process of moving between home and childhood setting, or from childhood setting to full-time school is complicated. To ease the process, we provide a great tool to share information, and knowledge about the child between home and childcare. nemBørn is an important step on the way to secure coherence between family and educators, in both day-care and schools.

  • Parental access to children’s everyday life with photos & videos
  • Keeps vital information on the child’s wellbeing, leaning outcome and relationships
  • Daily overview of activities and projects
  • Enables children to participate in communication and documentation
  • Easy way to report sick and plan vacations

Educational Planning

NemBørn centers on the child and the child’s development. The system has a strong focus on the central pedagogical themes and activities of the day care center, and allows teachers to follow the development of a child over time, including activities.

With nemBørn the educators actively promote the child’s learning framework and provide a scaffold for the educators’ decisions and actions. We aim to secure that all children will become successful, confident and creative learners.

  • Gathers relevant information on every child every day
  • Assists educators to plan, implement and evaluate quality in day-care
  • Provides a tool to work with local curriculums and settings
  • Registers sleep patterns and health
  • Quality reports with clear indicators on child and group level

Frees Up Ressources

NemBørn is more than a tool for dialogue: It’s a management platform for planning and steering resources, that releases time to focus on the children’s well-being and development.

Efficient ways of working mean you have more time to devote to the children, while keeping important information easy to find, and with sharing options that are easy to understand. NemBørn is designed for and developed by educators.

  • Easy planning of work schedules based on children’s attendance
  • Plan to achieve goals and improve learning
  • Information-sharing across employees in one place
  • Secure, exact and simple parent invoicing and access to information

Intuitive and Safe

NemBørn makes sharing of information, knowledge and experiences easy, Intuitive and secure for both parents, teachers and managers.

NemBørn makes it easy to share quick updates on the fly without having to sit down at your computer. The cloud based solution also minimises the risk of losing important data.

  • Apps for iPad, iPhone and Android, so you don’t need to leave for a computer
  • Cloud-based solutions that keeps vital information safe
  • Award-winning web interface
  • Secure servers with highest international certification level



The parent's app makes it easy to share pictures, educational settings and keep a vital dialogue between parents and staff. We also endorse children to take part in the documentation of their learning.


Parents can report sickness, days off, vacation and make a daily note on their child’s wellbeing. Check-in gives the staff a quick overview of children and evacuating list in case of emergency.


Makes it possible to create activities, invitations, and events with staff, parents and management. The calendar has an easy response button, and can generate automatic notifications before a deadline.


For every child, or group of children, we provide a schedule to clarify learning progressions and development. The nursery or preschool can provide their own learning themes and goals in collaboration with the child’s family.


We provide tools to ensure coherence between preschools and schools to strengthen a good transition between the two learning settings.


It is possible to make registrations of children’s health and welfare in details. For example, how often a child is bottle fed, nappy changes and when the child is sleeping. All details can be followed by parents in real-time, and all data history will for a later view.


To ensure the child and family safety, by full carer records, including notes of allergies, diet, immunisations, permissions and emergency contact numbers are stored in nemBørn. The parents can easily change and update the information in the parent app.


The parents decide on which permissions to give to their children. Whether it's concerning picture, attending activities or going on a trip. Our parental permission system makes it easy for management or teachers to collect and keep an overview over permission on a child or a group.


Our file system supplies you with a relevant file archive. Management can share documents with relevant staff members or groups. It is easy to find the documents you are looking for, by searching on tags or filenames.


Management can easily make registration on staff’s personal details, including start dates, defining which roles, responsibilities and groups the staff is assigned to. It is also possible to create work schedules.


Provides registrations on children’s attendance, and ensures management to have a full overview over capacity. This ensures better ways to predict the future's needs. Management has an overview of the activities the children attend and see how many parents have been active in the communication.


Provides the staff with an easy way to make documentation on the child’s activities through pictures and videos. All safely stored and only visible for the people with a legal permission. We even endorse children to participate in the daily documentation, by adding features to our Photo app for children.


All data is a hosted in the EU on a ISO27001 certified data center. Our servers are regularly examined by Independent Service auditors. Our security also includes 2-factor authentication, best practice encryption, using updated algorithms, protocols and ciphers, where all data access is encrypted independent of client and platform.


Maintaining a homepage takes time and effort. We provide a homepage connected directly to our system and keeping an easy approach to updating info and pictures. This means a nicely presented and always updated homepage – where most parents look to enroll their child.


Parents can easily be invited to answer surveys in the system. Management can create surveys quick and easy directly in the system. We provide an easy overview. Statistics and numbers of responses.


NemBørn provides a health overview for the individual child. The teacher has a quick and easy access to register the most important health issues for the child. Parents can follow the health and Well-being of the child moment to moment, as the teacher’s registration is done.


We provide an invoice feature that makes it easy for management to get an overview of invoices and therefore the full economy. Invoicing is automatically generated and sent to parents in the system.


Course-booking, after school classes and activity management (Yoga, Piano, etc.) is provided in the system. It is possible to attach invoicing, which makes it easier for the parents to book and pay online, and easer for the management to handle.


For every child, or group of children, we provide a schedule to clarify learning progressions and development. The nursery or preschool can provide their own learning themes and goals in collaboration with the child’s family.


Meal plans are provided for parents each day/week. We also provide information’s for the cook and your caterer on how many meals day, week, special food etc. are needed. This ensures a high quality and safety, that both parents and management needs.

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