“City of Copenhagen’s goal with KbhBarn is to create a simple and digitized communication platform for both staff and parents. We should have a way to document things more efficiently and make our pedagogical planning better.

One of the benefits for parents of using KbhBarn is that they get a better connection with their daycare centre. They get a better insight into their children’s every day lives.
KbhBarn has been developed closely our innovation partner “Assemble” and content is created in close cooperation with users in a user-driven innovation context.

It is important for the municipality to put the child front and centre, because that is our core value – that’s what it is all about.”


NemBørn helps you connect parents and teachers

Easier Dialogue with Parents

NemBørn is a simple and intuitive tool, allowing parents access to the everyday life of their child.

Focus on Children’s Development

NemBørn makes documentation and registration easy and utilises data to give teachers a helping hand.

Efficient Tool for Planning

NemBørn makes planning and steering resources efficient, while ensuring optimal communication with employees and parents.

NemBørn helps you connect parents and teachers