Unfolding Potential

Assemble is passionate about children’s learning and chances of success in their lives. Therefore, we create tools that help unfold the world’s ultimate potential: Our children.

Our tools are tailored for the vital people we have trusted with our children. The tools streamline their day while helping them unfold the long term potential of the children they guide.


Children thrive when families and educators work together

We know that one of most important keys is collaboration with children and families.

We support this by connecting families with early childhood educators’ professional practice, in the sense of managing, and assisting in planning, documentation and children’s development throughout the day. We especially value those aspects that involve building and nurturing relationships, curriculum decision making, teaching and learning.

We build our tools on a cutting-edge technology skill set combined with deep empathy for the Nordic educational heritage: Unfolding the potential of children.


Safe & Secure

Keeping sensitive data on children and parents safe and secure is our top priority. That’s why we not only comply with European law, but also go above and beyond.

All data is hosted in the EU on a ISO27001 certified data center. This entails, that the security of our servers is regularly examined by Independent Service auditors. Our security also includes two factor authentication, best practice encryption, using updated algorithms, protocols and ciphers, where all data access is encrypted independent of client and platform; a firewall between DMZ and data servers; an ISAE 3402 certified development process; and third party certification of all source code by third party Software Improvement Group.

All data is backed up several times a day and our network is closely monitored 24/7 all year round.

Read more about how we protect personal data in our Privacy Policy.


The Nordic Way

Assemble develops pedagogical IT solutions, based on a holistic human perception. The word holism comes from Greek and means that you look at the whole child. This means that complex phenomena constitute a whole that cannot be analysed by dividing the whole into single parts. In Assemble, we therefore work with the focus on creating coherence between families, staff and management in our IT solutions. Our perspective in children’s learning is a process that begins at birth and cannot be detached from the family and the learning contexts of the children’s home.

The holistic perspective of the child, the family and the surrounding community form the framework for work with our IT platforms. We know that this requires coherent, accessible and easy IT solutions.

When parents and staff share knowledge about the child’s learning, well-being and development, children thrive. Our solution is more than a communication platform, it consists of a long line of tools, to build a fundament for a respectful and committed cooperation. Assemble’s goal and vision for nemBørn is founded in thinking of the child’s overall learning, well-being and development.

We work ambitiously, professionally based and research-based with these goals.


Dialogue with Parents

The family and home learning environment is crucial for the child’s ability to do well in life. The link between home and day-care is the foundation for success with the early effort.

Our solution is built on a understanding of the importance of respectfully committed cooperation, for children and their families.

Nembørn supports a close relationship between home and day care. It should be easy to communicate, gain an overview of the academic activities, and follow the child’s daily life in such a way, the families’ role in the child’s learning, well-being and development is clear.

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